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The CareerSMITH Client Experience

Our candidate identification and assessment process is the most rigorous any Engineering, Construction, Government and Energy recruiter has to offer. We facilitate the engagement between our clients and the in-demand talent that companies need to succeed.

Our clients deserve the highest levels of personal attention

The CareerSMITH difference is a commitment to representing client complexity and diversity at every level of the hiring process. Every action we take on your behalf is a promise to absolutely represent your organization’s best interests.

We are your advocate, your counselor, and your confidante. As your partner in the recruitment process, your security and privacy are of paramount importance; you have our commitment to a thorough, ethical, and well-executed search.

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Firmly placed in the unique private equity space.

We find, assess, secure and help retain highly valuable talent and leadership for private equity and private equity-backed firms. CareerSMITH offers our client-partners a unique understanding of the critical requirements needed for professionals to be successful within the dynamic private equity market sector.

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You demand the highest standard of informed and accurate recruitment services. We facilitate well-designed connections and actualize solutions for your most specialized hiring obstacles.